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OdoOdo - An amorphous alien with the ability to change its shape on the sci-fi adventure STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE/SYN/1993-99. Odo's molecular structure becomes unstable after holding a shape for more than 16 hours. At this time, his body reverts to a silvery-orange liquid which rests in a bucket-like receptacle until his body function is energized enough to resume his human form, a form he assumes while working as space station security head ("Constable Odo") at the Promenade on board the space station Deep Space Nine.

Later in the series, Odo (René Auberjonois) discovered he belonged to a race of beings called the Dominion. He was one of 100 probes sent into the galaxy to gather information and return to the homeworld. Before he could accomplish his task, he was discovered as an infant in the Donorious Belt in 2337 and classified by scientists as a "Unknown Sample" (which the Cardassians translated into "odo'ital," --Cardassian for "nothing"). Later Odo Ital was educated by humanoids as specimen: 2356-63. In honor of his Bajoran benefactors, Odo fashioned his image into the shape and likeness of Dr. Mora Pel, the scientist assigned to study him.

When Odo's species later threatened the security of the Federation of Planets, Odo chose to side with the "Solids." For this, he was transformed into a human as a punishment for killing one of his own kind. Later when a Dominion baby died in Odo's hands, its remaining life force merged with Odo's molecular structure and gave him back his abilities to shapeshift.

Despite the Dominion's efforts to entice Odo to "link" with the commonality of his changeling race, her continually refused. Eventually, however, Odo agreed to return to his homeworld ("The Great Link") and merge with its vast ocean of silvery fluid that was his race (to cure them of a deadly virus affecting the Dominion). Before Odo merged with his people, he bid a fond farewell to Bajoran Liaison Officer Kira Nerys (Nana Visitor), a romantic interest.

Odo was first seen on "Emissary" the series original 1993 feature length pilot episode.

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