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Goa'uldGoa'Uld - A humanoid host implanted with limbless, wormlike life-form featured on the sci-fi series STARGÅTE: SG-1/SHO/1997+. Residents of the planet Abydos and beyond, the Goa'Uld first came in contact with Earth during the days of ancient Egypt when a Goa'Uld emissary named Ra established a base and a Stargate (Space Portal) on the plains of Giza. Because of their seemly mystical powers, the Goa'Uld were viewed as gods and thus established the basis for ancient Egyptian mythology.

Eons later, the secret to their discarded Stargate was discovered by Egyptologist Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks). Under the direction of Earth's military, Jackson and a crew headed by Colonel Jack O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) transported millions of light years through the Stargate and exited onto the planet Abydos, the home world of Ra and the Goa'Uld civilization.

Although humanoid in appearance, the Goa'Uld worm actually establish a symbiotic relationship within a humanoid life form. This interaction gives the Goa'Uld a comfortable living quarters and imbues their host with enhanced physical strength, extended life, and resistance to disease.

In the early larval stages of development (lasts seven years), the Goa'Uld resides in the host (called The Jaffa) until reaching maturity at which time it becomes the dominant personality.

Dr. Jackson theorized that the Goa'Uld actually cannibalized their Stargate technology from another more advance species in the galaxy. Although the Goa'Uld take possession of their hosts without consent, luckily, they can be expelled by using special devices.

A Jaffa known as Teal'c (Christopher Judge) accompanies the Stargate expedition team from Earth as they travel through the universe. See also - WEAPONS: -"Zat'nik'atel"

"And when the Goa'Uld wipe us out because we have nothing with which to defend ourselves, I'm sure we'll all feel great about ourselves and our high moral standard."


-- Colonel Jack O'Neill

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