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ScalosiansScalosians - Accelerated aliens introduced on the episode "Wink of an Eye" on the sci-fi series STAR TREK/NBC/1966-69. After an ecological catastrophe on the planet Scalos (extensive volcanic eruptions), the population was contaminated with high doses of radiation which caused mass sterility among the male population. The radiation also caused their biological metabolism to vibrate at tremendous speeds....vibrating so quickly that they were no longer visible to the naked eye. Fearing possible extinction, the remaining Scalosians sent a distress beam into the vastness of space, which was answered by the Federations starship, USS Enterprise.

Transporting down to Scalos, the search party could "see" no one to help. The only apparent physical evidence was a strange buzzing sound. This was actually the voices of the Scalosians speaking at very high speeds.

Suddenly, one of the crew's search party vanished before their eyes as the Scalosians accelerated him up to their level. Their hope was to mate a healthy male with the remaining Scalosian women and thus insure the propagation of their race.

When the rest of the search party returned to the starship, the Scalosians "unseen" managed to beam up with them. Placing a contaminated solution into Captain Kirk's (William Shatner) drinking cup, the Scalosian's Queen Deela accelerated him to their level and informed him of their plans to use the starship and its crew in their bid for survival.

However, their plans were foiled when the ship's physician created an antidote to return the accelerated bodies back to their normal metabolic rates. The Federation eventually agreed to help the Scalosians reverse their predicament.

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