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Sirians - Aliens from a distant planet Sirius IV who entered Earth's atmosphere in an armada of huge spacecrafts that hovered over all the major cities of the world. on the 1983-84 miniseries "V" and on the subsequent sci-fi spin-off V & V: THE FINAL BATTLE/NBC/1984-85.

Sirian Lizard Alien - V

Initially, Sirian representatives made contact with the governments of the Earth and assured them the only purpose for their arrival, was to share their advanced technological developments. In exchange, the Earth would give the aliens a shipment of minerals that were plentiful on our planet but lacking on theirs.

"We have come in peace, to all mankind. Our planet is the 4th in distance from the star you call Sirius, some 8.7 light years from Earth. This is the first time we have left our system, and you the first intelligent life we've encountered. We're pleased to meet you." -- John

Slowly, the Sirians unloaded personnel and arranged for the transfer of materials. Using the Media to their advantage, the aliens created a propaganda package that convinced the people of Earth they had nothing to fear from their friends from the stars.

In reality, the aliens planned to use the population of Earth as a food source for their home world, transporting the bodies in freezer-units located on-board their spacecrafts. Another alien deception was the Visitors' appearance. Beneath their humanoid facades lurked the scaly faces and bodies of two-legged reptiles.

Jane Badler as DianaHowever, all good plans of mice and reptiles soon go awry. Their master plan was uncovered by a crusading broadcast journalist, Mike Donovan (Marc Singer) and a brilliant scientist, Dr. Juliet Parrish (Faye Grant), who formed a unit of freedom fighters to battle the alien occupational forces. Diana, (Jane Badler) the ruthless leader of the aliens, reveled in the torture of her human captives and in their eating. The hand-to-hand defense system used by the Visitors was called "Revoc" taught by the blood-thirsty mercenary, Klaus. It consisted of the deadly "silent strike" technique.

Not all the aliens, however, agreed with their empire's plans to slaughter the Earth's population. Many followed the teachings of a renegade priest, Zon who taught against the tyranny of the Visitors. His disciples chanted "Zon is the cause for which I would die, but not for which I would kill."

A partial solution to the alien occupation was the development of a red-powdered dust chemical compound safe to the humans but deadly to the reptiles. This "red dust" bacteria infiltrated the alien's gill tissues and suffocated them. With this weapon, the freedom fighters slowly began to win back the Earth from the alien domination.

Meanwhile, a female earthling, Robin Maxwell (Blair Tefkin) had fallen in love with one of the Sirian aliens, before she realized his true form or intentions. Her interplanetary romance produced a hybrid child with strange powers...powers that the alien empire wanted to exploit. See also "V"

John the Supreme Leader John Unmasked
John the Supreme Leader of the "Visitors" John's true Reptilian identity unmasked

"The Visitors are not our friends. They've come to rape our planet and kill us. They're not who they appear to be."
-- Dr. Juliet Parrish, "V"

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