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Ta'raTa'ra - Beautiful blue-eyed, blonde female alien featured on the sci-fi series SOMETHING IS OUT THERE/NBC/1988. Reluctantly teamed with Jack Breslin (Joe Cortese), a Los Angeles police detective, Ta'ra (Maryam d'Abo), a medical officer from the alien prison spaceship Angelon, desperately sought the capture of a dangerous Xenomorph, a scorpion-shaped creature (in its natural form) that escaped from her spacecraft and took refuge on Earth. Tracking the monster was difficult because it camouflaged itself by taking possession of human bodies (shapeshifting).

Ta'ra's skills with mind-reading and levitation and the detective's knowledge of Earth gave them an arsenal of weapons to track down the sinister creature before it killed again. Ta'ra eventually tracks the  Xenomporph back to the Angelon. In a last ditch effort to kill the beast, she crashes the craft into earth's ocean. But her decision leaves her stranded on our planet.

A unique feature of Ta'ra's race were her hands. On her planet, hands were the focus of sexual activity, so when Jack attempted to shake her hand, it was an encounter of the no-no kind. Ta'ra's other peculiarities included:

  • When Ta'ra drank coffee, she got blitzed on the caffeine and began to act like a drunk.
  • She gets sexually aroused by watching the TV series "Crime Story" (coincidentally another NBC series).
  • Retiring for the day, she sleeps in the nude "I cannot sleep in garments. It would be unnatural and uncomfortable to me." Once when Jack was staring at Ta'ra's sexy black jumpsuit Ta'ra read his mind and remarked "You want to do WHAT! with my body?"

The Ta'ra character first appeared in the May 1988 NBC miniseries "Something Is Out There." 

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