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High-Ranking TimelordsTimelords - Technically advanced society from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation Casterborus on the British sci-fi series DOCTOR WHO/BBC/1963-89. Humanoid in appearance, the Timelords have for centuries monitored the time and space continuum observing the comings and goings of countless civilizations. Their domed cities are governed by the High Council ruled by a Lord President.

Other high-ranking officials included the Chancellor, the Castellan (the commander of the Chancellery Guard) and the Cardinals (the Arcalians, Patrexes and Prydonians, Each chapter wore green, heliotrope and crimson and orange robes, respectively.

Extremely long-lived, the Timelord's physiology enables them to have two hearts, two pulses, maintain a body temperature of 60 degrees. he Timelords can regenerate themselves through an additional twelve lifetimes, only to die at the end of their thirteenth incarnation.  

Their main source of power is the Eye of Harmony, a black stone that gives them the control over time and space travel. While their main mission in life is to gather knowledge, they do so without interfering in the lives of other species. When they did intervene, it was only because the laws of time or their own monopoly over time travel was threatened.

The Timelord's established policy of non-intervention, however, was disobeyed by the eccentric genius, Timelord Doctor Who who would rather interact with time than just watch it. Stealing a time machine called a TARDIS, the Doctor hurtled through the corridors of time on fantastic adventures. Anothe rouge, but evil maverick of a Timelord was known as The Master (Roger Delgado). He once despairingly remarked of his race "Know everything, do nothing."

“While you are content to observe the evil in the galaxy I have been fighting against it.” -- The Doctor

Not all of the residents of the planet Gallifrey were Timelords. Many of its citizens were technicians and support staff who did not share in the power of regeneration. A group known as the The Outsiders rejected Timelord society and lived in the wastelands of Gallifrey. Other Timelords on the outs with Gallifreyan society were The Rani, an unethical female scientist who performed experiments on species she considered beneath her  ("Am I supposed to abandon my research because of the side effects on inferior species?") and the Meddling Monk, a mischievous renegade Timelord who delighted in altering the history of the universe (like changind the outcome of the battle of Hastings in 1066, influencing Leonardo Di Vinci thoughts on aviation and offering antigravity devices to the builders of Stonehenge.

TRIVIA NOTE: As of 2005, all but one of the Timelords were killed in a massive war. The only survivor was Doctor Who (Christopher Eccleston).  A similar race of beings known as "The Watchers" - who refused to interact with the actions of other civilizations - appeared in the Marvel comic book series The Fantastic Four. See also - "Doctor Who" . and  SPY GUYS & SECRET ORGANIZATONS: - "The Watchers" 

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