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Head & Face

Donna Denton, aka 'The Face'The Face - Occasionally during episodes of the private detective drama THE NEW MIKE HAMMER/CBS/1984-87, gumshoe Mike Hammer (Stacy Keach) would gaze across a crowded room or a busy street and see a seductive brunette female known only as "The Face" who popped into frame and just as quickly popped out again, much to the chagrin of Mike Hammer who was dying to meet her.

The general public was also kept in the dark as to her identity until her credit line appeared on an episode of ABC's PERFECT STRANGERS. It revealed that "The Face" was model actress Donna Denton. Finally after three years of just glimpses Mike Hammer got to meet the mysterious woman in the spring 1987 episode entitled "A Face in the Dark."

It turned out that "The Face" was a writer named Laura who penned a series of successful detective novels published by Bartlett Publishers. Her primary character Nick Steele was based on Mike Hammer. Each time she had eluded Mike Hammer, she had been doing research on her character.

Rebecca Chaney, aka 'The Face'When Mike finally caught up with this vision of loveliness, more than just words passed between the two of them. But as quickly as Laura came into Mike's life, she just as quickly disappeared through a pair of French doors, leaving Mike to wander the streets and wonder if he'd ever see her again. When MIKE HAMMER, PRIVATE EYE/SYN/1996-97 debuted, actress Rebecca Chaney continued the role of "The Face".

TRIVIA NOTE: Anita Colby, the nation's first Supermodel was also known as the "Face." She was the first model to make $100 an hour and appeared on the cover of Time magazine and 14 other magazines in one month in 1945. She was the hostess of PEPSI-COLA PLAYHOUSE in 1954. Colby died on March 27, 1992 of lung disease at her home in Oyster Bay, NY at the age of 77.

"The Face" was also the name of a Edwardian criminal (Peter Ducrow) now living in modern London (via suspended animation) who battled his nemesis Adam Llewellyn de Vere Adamant (Gerald Harper) on the British series ADAM ADAMANT LIVES!/BBC/1966-67.

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