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Anatomical Nicknames at a Glance
Nickname Person Program
Big Giant Head Big Giant Head 3rd Rock from the Sun
Bigfoot Adam (aka, 'Bigfoot') Northern Exposure
Bones Temperance Brennan Bones
Bones Rob Petrie The Dick Van Dyke Show
Bones Dr. Leonard McCoy Star Trek
Chicken Legs Marcy Rhodes-Darcy Married with Children
Chinzo Jay Leno The Tonight Show
Chipmunk Cheeks Al Delvecchio Happy Days
Dolores (Clitoris) Dolores Seinfeld
Face Lt. Templeton Peck The A-Team
The Face Mike Hammer Mike Hammer
Ferg-face Ferguson Darling Clarissa Explains It All
Ferret-face Major Frank Burns M*A*S*H
Five Fingers Victor Sebastian Five Fingers
Girl with the Upside-down Eyes Glynis Johns Glynis
The Girls (Breasts) Elaine Benes Seinfeld
The Great Stone Face Ed Sullivan The Ed Sullivan Show
Happy Meals on Legs Citizens of Sunnydale Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Headlights (Breasts) Elaine Nardo Taxi
Meathead Michael Stivic All in the Family
Mr. Beer Belly Mr. Lynn Belvedere Mr. Belvedere
The Nip (Short for 'Nipple') Elaine Benes Seinfeld
Ol' Blue Eyes Frank Sinatra The Frank Sinatra Show
Old Lead Bottom Captain Wallace B. Binghamton McHale's Navy
The Old Redhead Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey & His Friends
Puddin' Head Colonel Sherman Potter M*A*S*H
Schnozzola Jimmy Durante Jimmy Durante Show
Sizzle Lips Richie Cunningham Happy Days
Splinky (Penis) Ira Buchman Mad About You
Squid-head Dave Thomas Dave Thomas Comedy Show
Sugar Tush Steven Rhodes Married with Children
Toothy Toothy Thompson Sugarfoot

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