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John Monroe at Drawing BoardJohn Monroe - William Windom starred as writer/cartoonist John Monroe who illustrated cartoons for the Manhattanite magazine on the sitcom MY WORLD AND WELCOME TO IT/NBC/1969-70. Working in New York as well as from home (Westport, Connecticut), John often lived in the fantasy world of his own cartoons, safe from the clutches of his wife, Ellen (Joan Hotchkis) and his 10-year-old daughter, Lydia (Lisa Gerritsen) who in his mind were fulfilling the inbred nature of all women-to make his life miserable. Other regulars on the show were Harold J. Stone as his publisher, Hamilton Greeley, and Henry Morgan as fellow writer, Phillip Jensen.

The series was loosely based on the works of humorist James Thurber who had contributed cartoons to The New Yorker magazine before his death in 1961. The TV adaptation won the 1970 Emmy Award for Best Comedy. William Windom won for Best Actor in a Comedy. 

The series' title is based on a well-known collection of Thurber stories published in 1942. All the cartoons and animations seen on the series are drawn in the style of James Thurber's original works.

The John Monroe character is adapted from Thurber's Walter Mitty character who appeared in the 1941 story "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty." Mitty, an avid daydreamer, used his vivid imagination to transported him to other worlds and fanciful adventures. Comedian Danny Kaye portrayed Thurber's daydreaming character in the film adaptation The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (1947).

Cast of 'My World and Welcome To It'
The Monroe Family: Lydia, John & Ellen

"I hate women. Oh, I know I married one, but there wasn't anything else around. That's how they get you. And I hate children, especially ours. Have you ever thought of the way they look at you? They're planning to take over the world." -- John Monroe

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