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Roger PriceRoger Price - The bespectacled comedy writer Roger Price was the creator of the 1950s fad drawing called the "Droodle." The Droodle was a graphic representation of an object, idea or situation done with the simplicity of a doodle but containing a clever idea wrapped within the lines themselves. The fun was interpreting his work which resembled the philosophy of a white piece of canvas that someone interpreted as a polar bear in a snow storm. 

For example, a circle containing jagged lines at the top and bottom of its inner circumference (much like stalagmites/mites) would be called a "Vicious Circle." Or a black circle with only two white triangular patches opposite each other would be entitled "Outside World as Seen by Very Small Man Living in a Beer Can."

Ship arriving too late to save a drowning witch

Price's strange artwork got noticed one day when he stepped on stage to entertain the audience during an intermission. Their response was tremendous and out of it came an newspaper column; the books "Droodles" (1951) and "One Head and Out the Other" (1952); and numerous television appearances including his own cartoon quiz/audience participation program DROODLES/NBC/1954.

One segment of this show was called the "Hundred Dollar Droodle" drawn by Price at the end of each program. The television viewers were invited to send in postcards, suggesting possible titles for the Droodle. The best title won $100.

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