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Ezekiel Stone's Tattoos - On the supernatural fantasy BRIMSTONE/FOX/1998. Peter Horton played Ezekiel "Zeke" Stone, a cop who killed the rapist who murdered his wife.

The Devil and Ezekiel Stone - BRIMSTONE
The Devil and Ezekiel Stone

"I was a cop. My wife was raped. I caught the guy who did it and I killed him. Two months later I died and went to Hell. 113 of the most vile creatures escaped."

Unfortunately, when Stone died on duty a few months later, he was sentenced to hell. Fortunately for him, 113 evil souls had recently escaped the clutches of hell and so Satan (not a happy camper at this point) struck a deal with Stone. If he retrieved the escapees, he could win a "Get out of hell" card and enter into heaven with his wife. Before Stone left hell the Devil tattooed 113 cryptic signs onto Stone's body.

Each sign representing one of the escaped souls. To guarantee, each soul would return to hell, Ezekiel was instructed to destroy their eyes (for the "eyes are windows to the soul"). Each time Stone destroyed a set of eyes, a screaming soul reluctantly raced back to hell. At the same time, one of the tattoos on Ezekiel's body disappeared.

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