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Cher - The popular singer Cher from THE SONNY AND CHER COMEDY HOUR/CBS/1971-77 had a number of plastic surgery alterations to her slender figure over the years (She admitted publicly to these changes in 1999) Her most expressive additions were tattoos including flowers on her butt and left ankle and a necklace chain sporting a few medallion like trinkets on her upper left arm. On the October 31, 1991 installment of LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN, Cher discussed the controversy of a sizzling full‑page newspaper photo ad from The Press displaying Cher's backside with her butt clad in fishnet stockings and a thong. The ad headline read "Cher's Back" (referring to her six-night gig at the Sands Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City). When the ad ran, the tattoo on her behind was originally censored with a black block. Of all Cher's tattoos she commented on a Los Angeles TV talk show "My tattooed butt isn't stylish enough. I just hate it." See also  JEWELRY:- "Sonny & Cher's Wedding Rings" 

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