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Michelin TiresMichelin Man - Tubular shaped man (a.k.a. "Bibendum," or "Old Bib") made from tires who first appeared in 1898 ads for the Michelin Company. According to advertising legend, the Michelin brothers Edouard and Andre were inspired by a display of tires stacked one on top another while they attended a tire exhibition in Lyon, France. With the help of an artist named O'Galup, the image of the Michelin Man was born. Its nickname "Bibendum" comes from an early ad caption stating "Nunc est bibendum," a Latin phrase meaning "Now is the time to drink." (The ad showed the Michelin Man drinking down a beverage filled with spikes, nails, glass, etc. to show that its product was tough and could withstand the rigors of the open road). The original Bibendum wore glasses and smoked a cigar.

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