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The Drag-u-laDrag-u-la - Specially built racing car made for the occult comedy THE MUNSTERS/CBS/1964-66. Owned by Grandpa Munster (Al Lewis), an aging vampire, the "Drag-u-la" was a coffin on wheels with the top speed of 160 mph. When his son-in-law, Herman Munster (Fred Gwynne) lost the family car ("The Munster Koach") in a drag racing challenge, Grandpa built his own dragster and won Herman's car back.

Designed by George Barris (who also built the Munster Koach and the Batmobile), the Drag-u-la was created for a cost of $10,800. It featured:

  • gold-leaf paint finish
  • silver spider hubcaps
  • 350 hp, 289 Ford Mustang V-8 with a four-speed stick
  • dual quad manifold
  • high compression pistons
  • purple block to match the purple coffin liner seat
  • twin four-barrel carburetors
  • pair of Huth "organ pipe" exhaust headers sprouting from both sides of the vehicle
  • 11-inch Firestone drag slicks on polished Radar five-spoke alloy wheels at the rear
  • miniature headstone mounted between the spider-webbed headlights and the front wheels (English Speedsport wire wheels capped with Italian motorcycle tires) that read "Drag-u-la Born: 1367. Died - ?"

The Drag-u-la was featured in the motion picture Munster, Go Home (1966) when the ghoulish Munster family inherited an English estate. At the climax of the film, the Drag-u-la entered a cross-country race (with Herman as its driver). Despite the nefarious plots to kill Herman and reclaim title to the estate, the Drag-u-la won the race by crossing the finish line backwards. (an oil slick spun the car around at the last moment). See also "The Munster Koach"

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