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Martin Milner and George Maharis - Route 66 TV SeriesRoute 66 Corvette - On the adventure ROUTE 66/CBS/1960-64, Tod Stiles (Martin Milner) a carefree, college grad with a privileged past inherited a Corvette convertible from his father and began to travel about the country on a search for self discovery. Tod shared his trip and expenses with Buz Murdock (George Maharis) a streetwise Hell's Kitchen orphan from New York.

When Buz left the series in November of 1962, he was replaced by Linc Case (Glenn Corbett), a disillusioned Vietnam war hero from Houston, who remained Tod's traveling companion until the series ended after a hundred and sixteen episodes.

According to Martin Milner, during the first year of the program a 'fifty-nine Corvette convertible was used. However, the program's sponsor was anxious to showcase their newer 1960 model (License No. 20-7876), so writer Sterling Silliphant scripted a scenario wherein their car crashed while saving the life of a wealthy man who in appreciation replaced their damaged car with a new one.

Each year thereafter, a brand-new model Corvette was provided courtesy of Chevrolet. When the producer's were deciding on what car to use for the series, Martin Milner hoped for a Ferrari, but the Corvette won out.

In 1993, a short-lived NBC version of ROUTE 66 continued the story line with a young man named Nick Lewis (James Wilder) who traveled to the Midwest to claim an inheritance of a perfectly preserved 1961 red and white Chevrolet Corvette, once owned by Buz Murdock, his father, whom he never knew. Teaming up with chatty hitchhiker, Arthur Clark (Dan Cortese), both headed down Route 66 looking for adventure and whatever came their way.

For a nostalgic trip down "The Main Street of America" read: Route 66: The Mother Road by Michael Wallis (St. Martin's Press, 1990).    

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