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'Golden Turkey Awards' by Michael MedvedGolden Turkey Awards - Film award presented on segments of SNEAK PREVIEWS, a PBS movie review program featuring movie critics Jeffrey Lyons and Neil Gabler. Spotlighted on the program were cameo reviews by film critic Michael Medved who with the assistance of his film man Moose, introduced his choice for the worst movies of the week with a admonishment for the viewers to save their money. The worst movie of the week was given the dreaded "Golden Turkey Award."

The Golden Turkey feature was inspired by Medved's book "The Golden Turkey Awards" (1980, Putnam). His earlier book "The Fifty Worst Films of All Time (1978, Warner Books) spawned the 1983 TV series THE WORST OF HOLLYWOOD. Medved proclaimed the science fiction film Plan 9 form Outer Space as the "Worst Film."

When Michael Medved replaced Neil Gabler in the fall of 1985, the "Golden Turkey" segments were dropped.

Gene Siskel, film critic for the Chicago Tribune and Roger Ebert, film critic for the Chicago Sun-Times were the original co-hosts of SNEAK PREVIEWS when it began on TV station WTTW in 1978.

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