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Hosts of TV Bloopers and Practical JokesGolden Blooper Awards - Presented on a special weekly segment of TVS BLOOPERS & PRACTICAL JOKES/NBC/1984-86 for the best example of a "Blooper" (a verbal or visual error, for example, pratfalls, fluffed lines, etc.) seen on television. A gold statuette called the "Bloopy" was the weekly prize awarded by hosts Dick Clark and Ed McMahon. Where else could a person be embarrassed in front of millions of viewers and walk away with an award for their ineptness?

The Golden Blooper segment was dedicated to the memory of producer/writer Kermit "Mr. Blooper" Schafer, who pioneered the concept of documenting on-the-air mistakes in the early years of radio and television.

This "blooper" has spawned a number of programs including TV'S CENSORED BLOOPERS, FOUL UPS, BLEEPS AND BLUNDERS, SUPER BLOOPERS AND NEW PRACTICAL JOKES, and AMERICA'S FUNNIEST VIDEOS, a show that chronicles all the mistakes made by the American public in their daily lives.

Similar programs like CANDID CAMERA and SPY TV intentionally targeted innocent bystanders to capture humorous or outrageous moments on camera.

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