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Chuck Barris from 'The Gong Show'Gong Show Awards -  Zany update of TED MACK'S ORIGINAL AMATEUR HOUR/NBC/ABC/CBS/1948-60, the audience participation show called the THE GONG SHOW/NBC/SYN/1976-80 featured contestants who performed outrageously bad acts (a woman who whistled through her nose; a man who blew a trumpet through his naval; and a man who burped the ABC's) for a panel of celebrity judges, any of whom could eliminate the act by hitting a very large and noisy metallic disk (gong) with a large gonger.

The winners of this silly talent show received a miniature Golden Gong trophy and a monetary award of $712.05 on the evening program and $516.32 on the daytime version. Chuck Barris, the series co-producer (with Chris Bearde), also hosted the program.

Rip Taylor with Gonger
Gonger in hand, Rip Taylor
 prepares to gong a bad act.

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