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Teddy RuxpinTeddy Ruxpin - A soft spoken, gentle bear-like creature (an Illiop) who starred in 65 half-hour episodes on the DIC Enterprise children's daily animated cartoon THE ADVENTURES OF TEDDY RUXPIN/SYN/1987. With the aid of his friends Newton Gimmick, a stuttering inventor with round glasses (John Stocker) and Grubby (Wili Ryan), an eight-legged caterpillar-like creature called an Octopede, Teddy Ruxpin (Phil Barron) used an ancient map and a flying airship to search the lands of Grundo, Octogonia, Rillonia and Ying to uncover the mystery of ancient crystals.

Along the way, Teddy battled the sinister group M.A.V.O. (Monsters and Villains Organizations) and their henchman Quellor and Tweeg. Teddy Ruxpin wears a light tan tunic over a red shirt and red shorts. His fur is a light brown. He has a tuft of hair between his ears.

TRIVIA NOTE: The series (which premiered as a five-part syndicated series in 1986) was inspired by a cuddly toy bear with moving eyes and mouth that was marketed with a unique long-playing audio tape inside it's tummy The Teddy Ruxpin character was developed by Ken Forsse who created the loveable Teddy Ruxpin for his children to teach them basic values.

Teddy Ruxpin Doll

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