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Beginning & Ending Narrations (Voice-overs)


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[Narrator speaks over pounding Indian war drums] "The immortal pen of James Fenimore Cooper [two cannons fire] brings you thrilling tales of excitement; blazing action on the early American frontier [yelping Indians]; stirring adventures filled with the daring and courage of Hawkeye [cannon fires], first of the long rifles, and his blood brother, Chingachgook...LAST OF THE MOHICANS."

[Narrator] "Something has happened to me which I do not understand. All I know for certain is I am alive. How I got here? Who I am? I do not know, but I must've seen or done something, something terrible to be buried alive, to be left for dead. I can remember nothing of my life, my friends or my enemies but the key to my identity lies somewhere out there. I will search until I find the man I was...and hope to be again."

[Voice of Denver Pyle] "The story of Grizzly Adams is big, powerful, beautiful. They call me Mad Jack and me and my burro Number Seven been traipsin' these slopes and valleys for a long spell, so I know the story from the beginning. My friend Adams was accused of a crime he did not commit. So he escaped into the mountains, leavin' behind the only life that he ever knew. Now that wilderness out there ain't no place for a greenhorn. And his chances of surviving were mighty slim. Weren't no time at all he was beaten down and ragged and nearly starved. Along about then he come upon a grizzly bear cub, all alone and helpless. Now Adams knew that little critter couldn't survive without his help so he started right down that cliff, risking his own life to save him. Now that cub took to Adams right off and that was when he discovered he had a special kind of way with animals. They just come right up to him like he was a natural part of the wilderness. But that bear cub was extra special. As he growed, he became the best friend Adams ever had. And together, they became a legend."

[Narrator] "A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust and a hearty hi-yo Silver! The Lone Ranger! With his faithful Indian companion, Tonto, the daring and resourceful masked rider of the plains led the fight for law and order in the early West. Nowhere in history can you find a greater champion of justice. Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear. From out of the past comes the thundering hoof-beats of the great horse Silver! The Lone Ranger rides again!" [Phrase in italics were included in the original radio series introduction].

[Announcer] "In the aftermath of the bloodletting called the Civil War, thousands of ruthless, restless searching men traveled West. Such a man is William Colton. Like the others, he carried a blanket-roll, a proficient gun, and a dedication to a new chapter in American history...the opening of the West!"

[Opening narration from first episode with the voice of Scott Bairstow as Newt Call, an elderly man recalling his youth]

"It would surely confound them that knew me as a young fellow to learn that I'd ever made a dollar as a book writer. And nobody's more surprised than myself. See, folks just assumed I could scarcely read and write back then. I was so busy soaking it all up, I'm sure they took me for shy or plain dumb. Truth be told, it was a bit of both. My father, Texas Ranger Captain Woodrow Call had give me a good horse by the time he finally owned up to being my Pa. He gave me his name and I rode off from him to make good of it. I wanted my own dream. I just didn't know right off what that was." [The series was based in part on characters created by Larry McMurtry from his novel Lonesome Dove]

[Each episode began with Ned Blessing as an old one-armed man sitting in a jail cell awaiting his own hanging and recounting his adventures in Texas as a bandit turned sheriff]

[Narrator] "Ned Blessing escaping out of Mexico with General Pelo Blanco on his heels returns home to Plum Creek only to find his father gone and the town taken over by the evil Verlon Borgers and his three sons. When Ned defends Efi and Seli Pedit against the Borgers he puts his own life in mortal danger. With his friends Crescencio, The Wren, Sticks Packwood, One-Horse, and Judge Longley, Ned overcame Verlon in a fiery shootout. The people of Plum Creek grateful for his protection, ask Ned to be their sheriff while he awaits his father's return."

[Voice of Charles Napier as Wolfsen Lucas] "Sheriff Jonathan Grail was mad. Who'd hit a bank in his town? Harland Pike-me, Wolfsen Lucas, William Pike and Isaiah "Ice" McAdams, known collectively as the Pike Gang. Grail had once been partners in crime with the four of us. But now, all bets were off. The showdown was interrupted, however, by the Almighty who sent us all sailing into the 20th century. And what a century it is. But we weren't what you'd call ordinary men. So we dug in, tried to adapt and started a detection agency (Double Eagle Ranch Detective Agency) to put beans on the table. And in the process ran head on into Deputy Maggie Randall. Things may be different this century but there's plenty of work to be done. Because one thing's bound to be true. The bad hombres will always outnumber the good."

[Narrator] "The legend of the Baudine brothers has etched itself into frontier history in the last quarter of the nineteenth century. Morgan 'Two Persons' Baudine, captured by the Cheyenne and freed eight years later by the Army. Quentin Baudine, a young doctor from San Francisco. Across thousands of miles from the Missouri banks to the Canadian rivers, from the Rockies to the High Plains, both join together in a search for their sister, Patricia, still a captive of the Cheyenne. The legend of the Baudine brothers. This is their story; this is THE QUEST."

[Male singers croon] "Home, home on the range, where the deer and the antelope play" [Voice of announcer cuts in] "And who could be more at home on the range than THE RANGE RIDER with his thrilling adventures of the great outdoors; his exciting experiences rivaling those of Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, Buffalo Bill, and other pioneers of this wonderful country of ours...and Dick West, All-American Boy."

[Voice of Eric Fleming as Gil Favor] "It sounds simple when you start up, get the herd to Abilene. Before you're halfway there, the cattle are the least of your worries. I know. Gil Favor, Trail Boss"

[Alternate opening]: "This is the landscape of RAWHIDE. Desert, forest, mountain, and plains. It is intense heat, bitter cold, torrential rain, blinding dust; men risking their lives, earning small reward; the life of challenge-RAWHIDE." [The series "Head 'em up. Move 'em out" RAWHIDE theme song was sung by Frankie Laine.]

[Narrator] "This is the story of three men who came to be known as The Rough Riders. Many years later and half a continent away that name was to win undying glory on the slopes of San Juan Hill. But our story is the beginning of the legend. Three men who came to be known in awe and admiration as The Rough Riders." [Program closing] "Watch for our next story of these three men whose every path crossed adventure-adventures destined to create the adventures of THE ROUGH RIDERS."

[Narrator] "Roy Rogers, King of the Cowboys. Trigger, his golden palomino. And Dale Evans, Queen of the West. With Pat Brady, their comical sidekick. And Roy's wonder dog, Bullet."

[The program opened with Sergeant Preston and his sled dogs gliding across the snow of the Canadian wilderness as the Narrator intoned]

"Sergeant Preston of the Northwest Mounted Police, with Yukon King, swiftest and strongest lead dog, breaking the trail in the relentless pursuit of law breakers in the wild days of the Yukon."

[Program Closing] "Well, King this case is closed."

[Narrator] (sound of an approaching airplane's engines) "Out of the clear blue of the Western sky comes SKY KING" (airplane passes over then sound fades away).

[Voice of Richard Eastham as Editor Harris Claibourne] "An actual account from the pages of my newspaper, The Tombstone Epitaph. This is the way it happened in the town too tough to die."

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