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LuckyDiet Coke Hunk - In the 1990s, the handsome actor Lucky Vanous, (a.k.a. "The Diet Coke Hunk") starred in the "Diet Coke Break Commercial" about a bunch of women looking out of an office window during their work break at a slender yet muscular construction worker, who had just taken off his shirt. As the sweaty laborer refreshed himself with a nice cool Diet Coke, the bug-eyed women staring down from their window perch filled their imaginations with all sorts of fantasies. At break's end, the women seemingly fulfilled, moved away from the window but not before saying "Same time Tomorrow?" to their voyeuristic colleagues.

Lucky Vanous, who set all the women's heart's a flutter later starred in his own work-out video entitled The Ultimate Fat-Burning System. In 1994, Psychology Today displayed Lucky Vanous on their front cover sporting the words "From Pecs To Sex" and an inside story about "The Beefcaking of America" that explored changing gender roles which shifted the spotlight to include men's bodies.

In 1997, Lucky Vanous got the role of bad guy Matt Dunning, the deceptively charming contractor on FOX's primetime soap PACIFIC PALISADES.

TRIVIA NOTE: Diet Coke soda was introduced to the public on July 8, 1982. Coca-Cola is consumed 448 million times a day in 160 countries. See also - "The Coca-Cola Girl"

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