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Daffy DuckDaffy Duck - Black duck with white ring around his neck who starred in a number of Looney Tunes cartoons produced by Warner Brothers. Daffy debuted in Porky's Duck Hunt (1937) where he said to Porky Pig "I'm just a crazy, darned fool duck." His maniacal Woo-HOO! Woo-HOO! laughter was inspired by the "Hoo-HOO" laugh of vaudeville comedian Hugh Herbert.

In his biography "That's Not All Folks" (Warner Books, 1988) Mel Blanc (the voice of Daffy Duck) explained how Daffy's voice was created.

"An engineer sped up the voice on a variable-speed oscillator. Lines were recorded at eighteen percent below normal speed, then they were played back conventionally, raising the pitch but retaining the clarity. The same machine was utilized for Porky Pig and three subsequent characters, Henery Hawk, Speedy Gonzales, and Tweety, the later of whom was recorded at twenty percent below."

Daffy's popular catchphrase was a spitty "you're desthpicable!" He later starred in his own show THE DAFFY DUCK SHOW/NBC/1978 which consisted of Warner Brother cartoons previously released to theaters.

In 1990, Steven Spielberg produced a series of cartoons called TINY TOONS which featured Plucky Duck, a younger version of Daffy Duck.

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