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Yakky DoodleYakky Doodle - Adorable little yellow duck who debuted in 1959 on the Auggie Doogy and Doggy Daddy cartoon (aired as part of the QUICK DRAW MCGRAW SHOW). In 1961, Yakky debuted in his own segment of Hanna-Barbara cartoon THE YOGI BEAR SHOW.

Whenever Yakky Doodle was in trouble, he simply called out for help to his canine friend, Chopper (voiced by Vance Colvig), a large white bulldog, who always came to the rescue of his "Little Buddy".

The characters Fibber Fox and Alfy Gator (both  voiced by Daws Butler) were always on the prowl to eat Yakky for a next meal. Once, during Halloween, a hungry wicked witch lured Yakky to her home to eat him for dinner, but Chopper arrived in time to save the day.

Chopper and Yakky

Years later, Yakky doodle appeared on SCOOBY'S ALL-STAR LAFF-A-LYMPICS and on a segment of Cartoon Network's HARVEY BIRDMAN: ATTORNEY AT LAW" where the poor little duck received a chemical castration. Ouch! Where's Chopper when you really need him?

The voice of Yakky Doodle was provided by Jimmy Weldon who also voiced a similarly sounding puppet character named Webster Webfoot.

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