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Mike Waring, aka 'The Falcon'The Falcon - Charles McGraw starred as Mike Waring, an American espionage agent whose code name was "The Falcon" on the spy drama THE ADVENTURES OF FALCON/SYN/1954-55. The series was based on Michael Arlen's book Gay Falcon (1940), featuring the dashing hero Gay Stanhope Falcon, whose real identity was Gay Lawrence. The Falcon also used the names Spenser Pott, and Colonel Rock.

Movie adaptations of The Falcon character included The Gay Falcon (1941), A Date with the Falcon (1941), The Falcon Takes Over (1942), The Falcon's Brother (1942), The Falcon Strikes Back (1943), The Falcon's Adventure (1946); The Devil's Cargo (1948), Appointment with Murder (1948), and Search for Danger (1949).

Movie actors to portray the role of The Falcon include George Sanders, Tom Conway and John Calvert. On radio The Falcon was played by actors Les Damon, Berry Kroeger, James Megham, George Petrie, and Les Tremayne.

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