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TerrahawksTerrahawks - Elite international fighting force who protects the planet earth from alien invasion on the animated Gerry Anderson puppet adventure TERRAHAWKS/SYN/1983. Set in the year 2020, the Terrahawks (based somewhere in South America) consists of Doctor 'Tiger' Ninestein, the founder of the Terrahawks Earth Defence Squadron, Captain Mary Falconer, Captain Kate Kestrel, Lieutenant Hiro, Lieutenant Hawkeye, and robots Sergeant Major Zero and Space Sergeant 101.

The Terrahawks' primary target is a group of androids from the planet Guk. Headed by a space witch named Zelda (and her son her son Yung-Star), these android invaders (based on the planet Mars) set out to destroy the planet earth.


The Terrahawks' arsenal of weapons included BATTLEHAWK, a heavy transport and mass deployment ship; TERRAHAWK, a flying mobile command center; HAWKWING, a aerial craft that shoot out of a lake; TREEHAWK, a shuttle craft; SPACEHAWK, a space station in geo-synchronous orbit about the planet earth; BATTLETANK, a ground assault vehicle; and HUDSON (Heuristic Universal Driver with Sensory and Orbital Navigation) Dr. Ninestien's gadget-filled Rolls Royce.

Terrahawks Codes
Ten-zero Negative
Ten-ten Affirmative
Ten-twenty Location
Ten-thirty Standing by
Ten-fourty Battle Stations
Ten-fifty Launch
Ten-ninety Mayday
One-zero Top secret

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