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Click for NBCNBC Peacock - Technicolor peacock mascot and logo for the National Broadcasting Company with a total of 11 plumes in its tail. The NBC peacock was introduced in 1956, retired in December 31, 1975 and replaced by a strange triangular design resembling the letter "N" and then reinstated a few years later with a more modern look. In 1993, NBC commissioned seven artist (including Al Hirshfield, Peter Max and John Kricfalusi) to create new animated on-air IDs.

On the late night talk show LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O'BRIEN/NBC/1993+, Conan O'Brien occasionally invited Polly the NBC Peacock (a cardboard cut out with moveable beak) to visit the show and promote upcoming NBC programs.

During sweeps month in February 1997 Polly enticed audience members to watch the NBC miniseries Asteroid by forecasting that before the asteroid hit the Earth everyone has sex in the streets. Polly then said "The only safe place to be is NBC" and warned that those who didn't watch would get diarrhea; that women's milk would dry up; and men would go sterile.

In 1997, NBC debuted an animated singing peacock named Johnny Chimes.

1950s NBC Peacock

1960s NBC Peacock

1950s NBC Logo 1960s NBC Logo

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