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Woody WoodpeckerWoody Woodpecker - Looney redheaded woodpecker featured in a series of animated cartoons and comic books produced by Walter Lantz. Woody the Woodpecker debuted in the Andy Panda animated film short Knock, Knock (1940). He later came to network TV in THE WOODY WOODPECKER SHOW/ABC/1957-58/NBC/1970-72/NBC/1976-77.

The programs consisted of original theatrical released cartoons as well as news footage made specifically for television including such characters as Gabby Gator, and Andy Panda. Woody's relatives included his niece, Knothead and his nephew, Splinter.

Mel Blanc, the first to provide Woody's trademark laughter of "Ha-ha-ha haaah-ha!", created his distinctive sound while roaming the cavernous, hallways of Portland Lincoln High School as a teenager.

 "The Woody Woodpecker Song" (1948) recorded by Mel Blanc sold over one million copies and reached number two on the singles chart.

When Mel Blanc later signed a contract with Warner Brothers which prohibited him to use Woody's voice, Walter Lantz's story man Ben "Bugs" Hardaway and later Mrs. Walter Lantz, actress Grace Stafford took over the vocal role of Woody Woodpecker until the series ended in 1972.

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Macy's Parade Balloon

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