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Betty-O - White restored tugboat owned by Washington D.C. Chief of Police Jack Mannion (Craig T. Nelson) on the police drama THE DISTRICT/CBS/2000-2004 The Chief berthed the tugboat at the Washington Channel Marina (6042) Slip 38. He lived on the boat with a small shaggy terrier named Cujo. Jack transported the Betty-O from up North where he previously worked in Boston, then in Newark, and New Jersey.

On the cliffhanger episode #45 "Payback" Mannion is surprised by Erin Vratalov (Alla Korot), the daughter of a Russian mobster who escaped from prison and shoots Jack on his boat. Wounded, Jack falls overboard into the Potomac River. A full-out manhunt ensues to find the Chief as a group of forensic types and cops scour the Betty-O for clues as to the Chief's whereabouts.

On the September 28, 2002 fall premiere "Resurrection," the Chief washes ashore with a bullet wound in his chest. After a slight bout with amnesia and confusion, Mannion hunts down his would-be assassins and then once again takes up residence on the Betty-O.

The Chief later sold his boat to an old cop buddy (Ernest Borgnine) who sailed the Betty-O off into the the sunset to spend his retirement years on the ocean waves.

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