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Poseidon - Charter fishing boat on the maritime adventure CRUNCH AND DES/SYN/1955-56. The Poseidon was based in the Bahamas and owned/operated by partners Crunch Adams (Forrest Tucker) and Des Smith (Sandy Kenyon). The series was also known as CHARTER BOAT and DEEP SEA ADVENTURES.

The TV series was inspired by the classic saltwater fishing adventures of "Crunch and Des" written in the 1940s by Philip Wylie. Crunch & Des, the heroes of these warmhearted Florida-based stories, chase sailfish, tarpon, barracuda, sharks, and even giant jewfish. As one reviewer said, "their adventures inspired generations of followers." 

Years later, Wylie's daughter, Karen Wylie Pryor, reissued a thoughtful collection of her father's stories. In her introduction she writes: "For the reader about to breathe Wylie's velvet air, hear the chug of charter boat engines, and cross the bridge of indigo-blue of the Gulf stream for the first time...I envy you."

TRIVIA NOTE: In Greek mythology, Poseidon was the powerful God of the seas and ruler/protector of all the world's waters.

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