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Captain ClanceyShamus O'Flynn  - Sailing vessel on the western comedy adventure HERE COME THE BRIDES/ABC/1968-70. The Shamus O'Flynn was commissioned by Jason Bolt (Robert Brown), a lumber man from Seattle (circa 1870s) to sail to New Bedford, Massachusetts and bring back a cargo of 100 young women who would be willing to marry the love-starved men of his Bridal Veil Mountain logging camp.

The skipper of the Shamus O'Flynn was Captain Roland Francis Clancey (Henry Beckman). Additional crew member included Jonathan Horn.

Of the 100 brides accompanying the Bolt Brothers back to Seattle, there were: Prudence Barton, Hanna Dosie Borden, Sarah Elizabeth Brown, Angeline Eliza Catlett, Lavinia Danforth, Anne-Claire "Sunny" Gates, Emmy Lou Jacobson, Serena Jacobson, Margaret Lowe,
Lena MacBeth, Holly Grace McCaskill, Kathleen "Katchie" McQuire, Katherine "Kitty" Mary Margaret Mulhern, Felicity Parker,
Sarah Antoinette Patterson, Samantha Piper, Carla Louise Riley, Karen St. James, Anne Scarborough, Charity Stanford, Amelia Rose Wedgeworth, and Lili Mae Wetzel.

"Tomorrow, I shall set out on a journey to the other side of the world, or at least it seems that far away. Papa says that anyone setting off on such a great adventure has to keep a journal so her descendants will be able to ready the story. I have signed a contract with Mr. Jason Bolt to move to the city of Seattle in the Washington Territory for the purpose of getting married. I am not marrying Mr. Bolt, but will be free to meet the other men of Seattle. It seems like such a long way, but if I stay here in New Bedford, I'll be an old maid and there will be no descendants to read any journals."  - Margaret Lowe

After leaving the 100 brides in the care of Jason Bolt, and his brothers, Joshua and Jason, Clancey decided to stay in Seattle and use his aging boat to transport the Bolt Brother's lumber from Seattle to San Francisco.

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