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USS ApplebyUSS Appleby - Naval destroyer on the military comedy ENSIGN O'TOOLE/NBC/ABC/1962-64. Its peacetime crew members included Ensign O'Toole (Dean Jones), who was an expert at avoiding work; the cantankerous Chief Petty Officer Homer Nelson (Jay C. Flippen); vain Supply Officer Lt. (j.g.) Rex St. John (Jack Mullaney); Executive Officer Lt. Cmd. Virgil Stoner (Jack Albertson) who delivered orders from the ship's unseen Captain (only heard over speakers); Seaman Howard Spicer (Beau Bridges); Seaman Claude White (Bob Sorrells); and Seaman Gabby Di Julio (Harvey Lembeck).

During its tour of duty, the USS Appleby found its way to such exotic locations as Hong Kong, Korea, the Arctic, San Diego, and, of course, the South Pacific.

On one such South Pacific Island, the crew of the Appleby found four stranded soldiers (two American, two Japanese) who were still fighting World War II.

While in Korea, Ensign O'Toole and the crew put on the "Foster Father's Follies" to raise money to adopt Korean orphans. The Singing Kim Sisters provided the entertainment.

And when in Hong Kong, Ensign O'Toole volunteered to help Scotland Yard find a jewel thief by going undercover.

One of O'Toole's best shenanigans dealt with an antique Model T automobile found on a French island in the South Pacific. Looking to make a quick profit, O'Toole disassembled the car and smuggled it onboard ship with the help of his crew. Unfortunately, just about the time O'Toole was to connect with a car collector in California, an Admiral with a love for old cars foils his plan.

On a day-to-day basis, O'Toole's duties onboard ship might entail forging leave papers for a crewman so he could travel to see his pregnant wife; learning there was a young girl stowed away on onboard; nursing crewman Seaman DiJulio when he got the measles; helping Seaman Mason control his weight before he gets shipped out of the navy; taking bets on the outcome of a mystery film when the last reel of the film turned up missing; or taking orders from a visiting dignitary like Prince Pussik of Tiboria, a pushy, 12 year old who turns out to be the Grand Admiral of the Tiborian Navy.

On the lighter side, O'Toole tried to solve the mystery of why somebody would send him a dress while in port in Washington, DC. The unsolicited gift inspired lots of ribbing from his fellow crew members. Eventually, O'Toole learned the dress was actually for a female naval officer with the same name assigned to the same installation.

TRIVIA NOTE: The ship used as the USS Appleby was in reality the USS Frank E Evans (DD754). It was launched October 3 1944 and commissioned February 3 1945. The USS Evans was cut in half June 3, 1969 in a collision with the Australian aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne. The ship's bow and stern sections were sunk as targets in Subic Bay October 10 1969.

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