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SupercarrierUSS Georgetown  - Gigantic aircraft carrier on the military drama SUPERCARRIER/ABC/1988. Robert Hooks starred as Captain Jim Coleman who supervised the 5630 naval personnel stationed onboard the 17 stories tall, 4.3 acre supercarrier.

Other crew members included Captain Henry K. "Hank" Madigan (Dale Dye); fighter pilots Lt. Jack "Sierra" DiPalma (Ken Olandt); Lt. Doyle "Anzac" Sampson (John David Bland); Lt. Cdr. Ruth "Beebee" Rutkowski (Cec Verrell); Ocean Specialist Radarman 1st Class Donald Willoughby (Michael Stuart Sharrett); Master-at-Arms 1st Class Luis Cruz (Gerardo Mejia); Master Chief Sam Rivers (Richard Jaeckel); Seaman Apprentice Raymond Lafitte (Matthew Walker); and Yeoman 1st Class Rosie Henriques (Tasia Valenza).

TRIVIA NOTE: The series was based on the book "Supercarrier" written by George C. Wilson. The real-life aircraft carrier, the USS Kennedy was used for the filming of the series.

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