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Sailing Vessels

The SultanaThe Sultana - Sailing vessel on the maritime adventure THE BUCCANEERS/CBS/1956-57. The Sultana was a pirate ship used by Captain Dan Tempest (Robert Shaw), a reformed pirate who helped Royal Navy Lt. Beamish (Peter Hammond), a newly assigned governor of New Providence, rout renegade pirates and mercenaries from his Nassau base of operations. The Sultana set sail on a variety of adventures like battling the notorious Blackbeard the Pirate (George Margo), rescuing damsels in distress, and fighting the Spanish.

Other crew members on The Sultana included Gaff (Brian Rawlinson), Armando (Edwin Richfield), Taffy (Paul Hansard), the impetuous young Dickon, a stowaway-turned-cabin boy (Wilfrid Downing), and Captain Tempest's pet monkey.

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Theme Song Lyrics

Let's go a roving
A roving across the ocean
Oh let's go a roving
 Let's join the Buccaneers

He the bravest man we know
 say he's not and you'll be walking the plank, sir

Let's go a roving
A roving across the ocean
Oh let's go a roving
And join the Buccaneers

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