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My Life in Kenya - Autobiography featured in the storyline of the British sitcom AS TIME GOES BY/BBC/1992-2002.

Geofrey Palmer as Lionel

Geoffrey Palmer starred as Lionel Hardcastle, a divorced ex-army officer and coffee-planter who returned to England to write his autobiography entitled "My Life in Kenya."

To transcribe his notes for the book Lionel hired the services of a local secretarial agency. During his interaction with the owner of the agency, Jean (Judi Dench), a smart and hardworking widow, Lionel suddenly realized that Jean was the student nurse he fell in love with 38 years ago before he was sent off to Korea while a young Army officer.

As Lionel and Jean compare notes, they realize both their lives were changed because Jean's love letter got lost in the mail and Lionel thought she no longer cared for him because she didn't write him. Slowly, the Lionel and Jean rekindled their lost love amidst the interruptions of Jean's twice divorced daughter, Judith (Moira Brooker).

'My Life in Kenya' photo shoot

'My Life in Kenya' photo shoot

Photo session for "My Life in Kenya" book cover with girl

Close up of Lionel dressed as a great white hunter

Meanwhile, a trendy young book publisher, Alistair (Philip Bretherton) arrives on the scene and actively promotes Lionel's manuscript. To pump up sales for the memoir, Alistair hires a photographer to shot  a book jacket. The photographs depicted Lionel posing in a hunter's outfit, holding a rifle and being pawed by a beautiful blond who groveled sensuously on the ground while grabbing at his leg (i.e. sex sells books).

[Alistair explains the idea for the book cover design]


Pick-me-up-and-buy-me. Danger, adventure, sex -- she's the sex.


She looks like all three if you ask me.

Lionel later discovered the reason why Alistair took such an interest in his book. It seems back in 1947 Lionel's father lent Alistair's father 500 Pounds to start a publishing firm. Alistair was paying back the favor by promoting Lionel's book.


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