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Love and the Single Horse - The memoirs of Mister Ed, a talking golden palomino on the situation comedy MISTER ED/SYN/ CBS/1961-66.

Mr. Ed

 On episode No. 135 "Love and the Single Horse" (10-10-65), Ed is hard at work writing his life story..."I will never forget my first love, Yvette. She was only a little French filly, but Ooh, la, la! A kiss from her would melt your horseshoes. And what a shame...she had so many curves, her saddle kept falling off!"

Wilbur Post (Alan Young), Ed's owner sneaks a peek at Ed's manuscript and later Wilbur's wife, Connie (Connie Hines) believing Wilbur is the author rushes the memoir off to the publishers.

The book entitled "Love and the Single Horse, or The True Adventures of a Palomino Playboy" by Wilbur Post was published by Durvis Publishing Co in 1965.

With the money earned from the advance on the book Wilbur buys Mister Ed some gifts, but Ed refuses them because he felt his privacy had been violated. See also - HORSES: "Mister Ed"

Some of Mister Ed's favorite love interests included:

  • Chiquita, the Spanish filly

  • Daphne, a western movie star fill

  • Fatima, a foreign spy filly

  • Miss February, the Playhorse calendar filly

  • Flossy, the chestnut filly with great legs

  • Francesca, the Italian filly

  • Fujiyama, the Japanese filly

  • Gigi, a French filly

  • Flashaway, the pin-up filly

  • Ilsa, Suzette

  • Lady Linda.


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