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Maxwell Beckett Novels - After a stint as a retired CIA agent on THE EQUALIZER/CBS/1985-89 Edward Woodward starred as a crime novelist Maxwell Beckett who pretends to be a retired New Scotland Yard police inspector (to sell his books) on the drama OVER MY DEAD BODY/CBS/1990-91.

Maxwell Beckett authored such literary gems as:

  • All That Glitters

  • The Five Confrontations

  • Hanging Crimes

  • Hooker By Crook

  • Over My Dead Body

  • Taking The Head (as well as a series of M. Mongoose children's books under the pen name A. J. Edison)

Just as Beckett was arguing with his publisher (who informed Beckett his last few books had bombed) he runs into Nikki Page (Jessica Lundy) a female obituary writer who had witnessed the murder of a hooker.

At first, Beckett refuses to help, but when Nikki prints an obituary stating that Beckett had died, he reluctantly joins forces with her to solve the crime.

At the conclusion of their case, Beckett, now re-inspired to write, teams with his new newspaper friend to investigate further criminal mishaps and in doing so gather ideas for new novels.

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