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Archie Fenster's Little Black Book - On the situation comedy I'M DICKENS...HE'S FENSTER/ABC/1962-63 Marty Ingles plays swinging but scatterbrained bachelor Archibald "Archie" Fenster who had more women than he could handle.

I'm Dicken's He's Fenster Comicbook

Called "Lover Boy" by his fellow carpenters, Archie kept a list of all these eligible women in his famous 300-page six-by-nine inch soft cover "little black book" which was coveted by many of his buddies.

TRIVIA NOTE: On the sitcom VINNIE & BOBBY/FOX/1992 construction worker Bobby Grazzo (Robert Torti) owns a little black book he calls his "Chickonary."

Trans Globe Airline pilot Danny Adams (James Callahan) on the sitcom WENDY & ME/ABC/1964-65 also had a little black book and a special red one he called "The Red Star Edition."

On the series finale of the situation comedy MARRIED...WITH CHILDREN/FOX/1987-97 bimbo Kelly Bundy (Christina Applegate) planned to marry and during her wedding party gave away her black book filled with the phone numbers and addresses of a bunch of hot hunks.

The book was actually a large black three-ringed binder about six-inches thick. The names in the black book included some of the fathers in the neighborhood as well as one of her high school teachers. Displaying a knowing smirk she declared to her party guests "I passed...didn't I!"

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