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Red Shoe Diaries - David Duchovny, (of THE X-FILES fame)  appeared in RED SHOE DIARIES/SHO/1992 and RED SHOW DIARIES: HOTLINE/SHO/1994, an erotic anthology series about a man named Jake Winters who yearns to understand the secret life of his late fiancée who committed suicide and left a diary behind which chronicled her unfaithful lifestyle.

Red Shoe Diaries with David Duchovny

In order to gain insight into his fiancée's behavior, Jake places "Red Shoe" personal  newspaper ads which solicits passionate and intimate entries from other women's diaries. These deep dark and sexy thoughts become the fodder for the show's plots. The series was written and directed by Zalman King.

Each episode begins with Jake reading aloud a letter which he's received from some women whose answered his ad. The letters always start "Dear Red Shoe..."

In the prequel 1992 movie Red Shoe Diaries we learn that Jake's wife, Alex (Brigitte Bako) had an affair with a construction worker who gave her a pair of sexy red shoes. 

The Showtime series WOMEN: STORIES OF PASSION/SHO/1997 featured a journalist working on a book about women's most intimate sexual fantasies. She interviews willing subjects who describe their deepest desires. Their intimate details become the storylines for the show.

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