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A Modern Life's User Manual - Instruction manual mentioned on the sitcom HI HONEY, I'M HOME!/ABC/NIK/1991. When the Nielsen family, fictional characters from a 1950s TV sitcom, were no longer run on network television, they were reassigned by the Sitcom Relocation Program to a house in New Jersey. There they waited for their show to be picked up and returned to TV Land.

Tunerizer Off

Tunerizer in color mode

Tunerizer off Tunerizer in color mode

The Nielsen's concealed their black and white appearance with a "Turnerizer" which enabled them to switch to full living color so they could fool unsuspecting onlookers.

To adjust to their modern life, the Nielsens were given "A Modern Life User's Manual," an etiquette guide to the 1990s.

The Nielsen family consisted of Charlotte Booker as Honey Neilsen; Stephen Bradbury as Lloyd Neilsen; Julie Benz as Babs Neilsen; and Danny Gura as Charles 'Chuckie' Neilsen.

Theme Song Lyrics

We were once a sitcom family on your black and white TV.
Now we're off the air, been pulled from there and dropped into reality.
Life was once much duller, they put color in our monochrome.
Still, she gabs all day and spends my money. I find the situation funny
Doesn't life seem so re-runny?
Hi honey I’m home! Hi honey I’m home!

Hi Honey, I'm Home!

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