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Corpus Juris Secundum - At the conclusion of the legal drama PERRY MASON/CBS/1957-66, the camera showed a few of the books in the library of attorney Perry Mason (Raymond Burr). The books shown were the Corpus Juris Secundum, Volume 82, 97, 98.

Corpus Juris Secundum

Perry Mason (Raymond Burr), the famous defense attorney, operated his office out of  Suite 904 in the Brent Building in Los Angeles. His secretary is Della Street. Paul Drake is his chief investigator.

Through the life of the series Perry Mason never lost a single court battle, except for one case during the 1963 season. But wait!

At first, it appeared that Mason's rival, District Attorney Burger (William Talman), who fought valiantly against the odds for so long had finally won a case against Mason. Headlines on a seven star edition of the Los Angeles Chronicle read "Burger Defeats Mason."

Unfortunately for Burger, it was discovered he won the case on a technicality. Perry's client was covering up for someone else and allowed herself to be found guilty. Perry discovered the true villain anyway and got the stubborn victim out of jail.

Perry addresses the jury

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