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Letters & Miscellaneous Writings

Wing's Time Capsule Letters - On episode No. 145 "Life Could Be A Dream" on the sitcom WINGS/NBC/1990-97 Nantucket Island aviator Joe Hackett (Timothy Daly) recovered a time capsule that he buried back in July 15, 1973 when he was 11 or 12-years-old.

Among the items found inside were: Joe's Mood Ring that he wore with his purple bell bottoms; Casey Chappel's pet rock, Alfred; and Brian Hackett's copy of Playboy with the "Undercover Women of James Bond" issue.

But the most interesting items found were the letters (hand-written by Joe, Brian, Casey and Helen) that forecast what each of them would be like when they grew up. The letters revealed:

  • That Joe would grow up to be Joey Hackett, the world's greatest Red Sox baseball player whose charisma brought peace to the world, and healed crippled people.
  • Joe's brother, Brian (Steven Weber) predicted he would become a world class secret agent a la James Bond who defeated the most vile criminals while kissing the most beautiful women, amongst them the delicious, Mounds O' Plenty.
  • Casey Chappel (Amy Yasbeck), dreamed she would be a beautiful model with her own perfume line "Casey."
  • Helen Chappel (Crystal Bernard), the overweight one in the bunch, revealed that she would become a world famous cello player.

The one common theme to all of their fantasies was that all their friends were pathetic losers who gloated over their successes. When the letter reading session came to an end, Joe exclaimed "We were just kid's...what did we know." As the episode concluded, the viewing audience is shown the actual content of Helen's letter. Written in pencil was the simple wish "In my future, I Helen Chappel hope to marry Joe Hackett." (She did.)

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