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Religious & Occult Texts

The Book of Dinosaurs - Sacred text featured on the sitcom DINOSAURS/ABC/1991-94. When the dinosaur residents of the prehistoric city of Pangaea (60,000,003 B.C.) needed guidance they referred to "The Book of Dinosaurs." For instance:

  • When a male dinosaur turned the age of 15, he was required to climb to the top of a mountain and howl at the moon. For as their sacred book said "Only by howling do we defeat the dark spirit which turns dinosaur against dinosaur and brings an end to our days on Earth."
  • When a dinosaur reached the age of 72, the book advised that family members hurl their useless senior citizens into the tar pits. As mother-in-law Ethyl Phillips (Florence Stanley) reached hurling age, her Megalasaurus son-in-law Earl Sinclair (Stuart Pankin) gleefully donned a special blue silk tie made for the occasion.
  • When an infant baby is born it must be taken before the chief elder to be named. When Earl Sinclair took his child to the ceremony, the elder died but not before saying "Aaah, aaah, I'm dying, you idiot." Thus according to tradition, Earl's baby was named. The elder's successor, however, later changed the child's name to "Baby."

Once during a time of indecision, the dinosaurs followed a religion based on the Great Potato. It's teaching gave answers to such questions as "What is the nature of dinosaurs? ("Each dinosaur is like a single potato, springing forth from the earth with eyes to see the world around it, and lots of potassium") and "What is our purpose on this earth? ("Our purpose is to serve the Great Potato by giving our troubled questioning minds a rest, confident that the Great Book of the Potato will provide all the answers.")

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