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Dixon Hill Novels - Detective pulp novels (and short stories) depicting the adventures of Dixon Hill, a San Francisco gumshoe on the sci-fi series STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION/SYN/1987-94.

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The first Dixon Hill story "The Big Goodbye" was published on Earth in 1934 in Amazing Detectives Stories magazine. Its protagonist Dixon Hill was similar to the detective character, Philip Marlowe who appeared in the classic mystery thriller "The Big Sleep" written by Raymond Chandler.

Dixon Hill charged $20.00 a day plus expenses. His phone number was Prospect-4631. He preferred his scotch whiskey served "neat."

On episode No. 13 "The Big Goodbye" (written by Tracy Torme Stardate 41997.7) Captain Jean Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart), the commander of the starship USS Enterprise-D became fascinated with the Dixon Hill character and programmed a Holodeck simulation of the fictional detective stories so he could act out an adventure.

Dressed in the clothes of the period including a slant brim hat, the Captain entered the Holodeck to find Dixon Hill's office (Office 312) and his sexy secretary, Madeline.

However, due to a Holodeck malfunction, and compromised safety overrides, Picard's life was temporarily endangered by the actions of the Holodeck simulated characters.

Other Dixon Hill novels were "The Long Dark Tunnel" (1936); and "The Parrot's Claw" (1940) which involved a character named Jimmy Cuzzo, who killed a man named Marty O'Fallan.

Picard introduced Guinan (Whoopi Goldberg) to the Dixon Hill adventures on episode No. 88 "Clues" (Stardate 44502.7).

The Dixon Hill characters were also accessed on episode No. 45 "Manhunt" (Stardate 42859.2) when Betazed ambassador Lwaxana Troi (Majel Barrett) wandered into the Holodeck program and became infatuated with one of the Dixon Hill characters.

The Holodeck simulation program was also used to recreate Sherlock Holmes mysteries based on the stories of Arthur Conan Doyle on episodes No. 29 "Elementary, Dear Data" (Stardate 42286.3) and No. 138 "Ship in a Bottle" (Stardate 46424.1).

TRIVIA NOTE: The Star Trek motion picture First Contact (1996) cameoed the Holodeck program when Captain Jean Luc Picard requests "Chapter 13" of the Dixon Hill novel to battle invading Borg aliens. Disengaging the safety protocols of the Holodeck program, Picard began to kill invading Borg aliens with a sub-machine gun loaded with now lethal Holodeck bullets.

It The Dixon Hill character even inspired the 2002 "Star Trek: The Next Generation #65: A Hard Rain" by Dean Wesley Smith where Picard enters the Holodeck as Hill to find the a piece of space metal called the 'Heart of the Adjuster' to prevent the Enterprise from blowing up.

The Captain's personal log in the book begins:

"My hope is that with more that eight hours remaining before the Enterprise reaches the area nicknamed 'The Blackness,' I will have the time to solve the fascinating Dixon Hill case I have nicknamed 'Murder at the Stage Door.' If I succeed, it will be the tenth Dixon Hill case I will have solved since my first visit to this strange holographic world. And I am proud to say that each case has been progressively harder that the one before it. Dr. Crusher tells me the challenge and the change of scenery improve my mood and efficiency and I am in no position to argue with her. After all, she is the ship's doctor."

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