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Kojak's Lollipop - Favorite candy of Theo Kojak (Telly Savalas), an NYPD detective on the police drama KOJAK/CBS/1973-78 and later Ving Rhames who revived the role of Kojak in 2005.

Kojak - Telly Savalas

The original gimmick of using a Tootsie-Pop like lollipop got started during one episode when a meter-maid tried to get Kojak (Sevalas) to stop smoking by handing him a lollipop. It soon became his trademark. When he did smoke he used Sherman Cigarettes.

While spokesman for FORD MOTORS in June 1985, Telly's lollipop gimmick was used as part of an advertising scheme to lure customers to the showrooms-with a special winner getting a Mustang car. Telly Savalas owned a racing horse that he named Telly-Pop.

Kojak - Ving Rhames
Ving Rhames as Kojak

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