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Courageous Cat - Feline crime fighter on the cartoon COURAGEOUS CAT/SYN/1961.

Courageous Cat ad Minute Mouse
Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse

Residing in the Cat Cave overlooking Empire City, Courageous Cat with the assistance of Minute Mouse battled the likes of:

  • Black Cat
  • Frog (an Edward G. Robinson type gangster)
  • Professor Shaggy Dog
  • Professor von Noodle Strudel
  • Rodney Rodent

Like the popular ABC series BATMAN starring Adam West, Courageous Cat had an unlimited supply of gadgets for any occasion as well as a red Catmobile that transformed into a Catplane or submersible vehicle.

When alerted by the "Cat Signal," Courageous Cat donned a red costume (a star adorned his chest) black trunks, yellow belt and cape and white gloves. His sidekick Minute Mouse dressed in a green cape, yellow shirt and white gloves.

This dynamic cat and mouse duo was created by Bob Kane, the same person responsible for the original DC Comics Batman character. Bob McFadden supplied the voices to both lead characters.

Courageous Cat

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