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Garfied the CatGarfield the Cat - Created by cartoonist Jim Davis in 1977, (the strip first appeared in print on June 18, 1978) the Garfield character is a selfish, overweight orange and black feline with drooping eyelids who had a mad obsession for lasagna. Davis' inspiration for Garfield probably came from his childhood on a farm near Fairmont, Indiana where he was surrounded by some 25 cats.

The Garfield character is named after Davis' grandfather, James A. Garfield Davis. The highly pessimistic, Garfield (Lorenzo Music provided the voice for his thoughts) is a tribute to the lazy person in all of us.

Garfield is owned by a young cartoonist named Jon Arbuckle who also owns a happy, slobbering little dog named Odie whom Garfield perpetually taunts. Garfield's idea of a daily routine is sleeping, eating and occasionally biting a mail man or two just for the fun of it.

Garfield's animal friends include Arlene, a sarcastic pink cat, Nermal, the "World's Cutest Kitten", and Pooky, Garfield's loveable, huggable teddy bear and confidant.

Syndicated in over 2000 newspapers, Garfield the Cat has been the subject of such prime time animated TV specials as Here Comes Garfield (the first special seen in 1982), Garfield in the Rough, Garfield in Paradise, The Garfield Halloween Adventure, A Garfield Thanksgiving, as well as his own Saturday morning program GARFIELD AND FRIENDS/CBS/1988-95 and the theatrical cartoon (with "Cat-i-tude") Garfield: The Movie (2004) and the sequel Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties (2006).

Jim Davis, Garfield's creator, lives and works somewhere off a county road in Muncie, Indiana. Ironically, he no longer has any cats because his wife is allergic to them.

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