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Krazy Kat with Ignatz and Offissa Bull PuppKrazy Kat - Lovesick cat infatuated with a pesky brick-tossing rodent who appeared in the daily syndicated newspaper comic strip "Krazy Kat" created by George Herriman in 1913 for the Hearst papers. The characters later appeared in a series of silent film cartoons created by Hearst-Vitograph News Pictorial (1916) and then by International Film Services Cartoons (1916-17), Bray Productions (1920-21), Winkler Pictures (1925-27) and Paramount-Famous Lasky (1927-29).

The Krazy Kat franchise continued in a series of Columbia Pictures sound cartoons ("talkies") produced from 1929-40 by Charles Mintz and written by Manny Gould and Ben Harrison. The Krazy Kat cartoons were later shown on television.

In the cartoons, lovesick Krazy Kat (who lived in Coconino County) pursued Ignatz the mouse who liked to toss bricks at Krazy Kat's head as a sign of his affection.

Other residents of Coconino County were Offissa Bull Pupp (who also loved Krazy Kat) and other zanies like Milton Mouse, Marshall Mouse, Irving Mouse, Matilda Mouse, Marmaduke Mouse, Don Kiyote (formerly Daniel of "Daniel and Pansy"), Joe Stork, Kolin Kelly (Maker of Bricks), Krazy Katbird, Krazy Katfish, Gooseberry Sprig, J. Turtle, Joe Bark (the moon hater), Pauline Parrot, Mrs. Kwak Wak, Mr. Kiskidee Kuku, Kitten Kat, Mr. Meeyowl, Anita Gata Blanca, Terry P. Turtle, and Bum Bill Bee.

Ignatz Tossing a Brick

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