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 Cats at a Glance (real, cartoon & puppet)

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Boo Boo Kitty Doll Cat The plush black toy cat to which Shirley Feeney tells all her troubles. Laverne & Shirley
Leo Cartoon Jungle Lion Father of two cubs who rules the jungle with his mate, Kitty Leo the Lion
Chauncey Cougar/Mountain Lion Ford Motor Mascot Lincoln Mercury Ads
Linus Cartoon Lion Ruler of the animals in an African kingdom Linus the Lionhearted
Lippy Cartoon Lion Con-artist lion and his hyena companion Lippy the Lion
Chloe Cartoon Cat Pets mysteriously miniaturized are sold by Pet Shop owner but find their way back to the Littlest Pet Shop Littlest Pet Shop


Manimal Professor Jonathan Chase turns into Panther Investigator NYPD Manimal
Baxter Orange & White Corporate Mascot Meow Mix Cat Food Meow Mix TV Ads
Leo the Lion Lion Corporate Mascot MGM Studios MGM Films
Gin, Sherry  & Martini House Cats Jerry & Pamela North Mr. & Mrs. North
Bowser Cartoon Cat Near-sighted Mr. Magoo thought Bowser was a  dog Mr. Magoo
Henrietta Pussycat Hand Puppet Cat Henrietta lives in a tree house in the land of make believe. To speak, she uses phrase ":Meow, Meow" Mr. Rogers Neighborhood
Charlemagne Lion hand Puppet CBS News Show The Morning Show
Autocat Cartoon Cat Race Driver Cat Tries to beat Motormouse Motormouse & Autocat
Mimsey Orange & White Corporate mascot Mary Tyler Moore Show MTM TV Shows


Morris the Cat Orange Tabby Corporate Mascot 9 Lives Food Company 9 Lives Cat Food Ads


Minerva Orange Tabby Pet of Landlady Mrs. Maggie Davis Our Miss Brooks


Pink Panther Cartoon Panther Adventures of Pink Panther The Pink Panther


Snooper Cartoon Detective Cat Snooper & mouse partner, Blabber Quick Draw McGraw


Cat Humanoid Cat Cat is the descendant of a cat left onboard a space mining ship named Red Dwarf. Cat loves fish and dresses very slick. The mother of all the previous cats was "Frankenstein," owned by Dave Lister (who smuggled the pregnant onboard three million years earlier) Red Dwarf
Stimpy the Cat Cartoon Cat Friend of Ren the Dog The Ren & Stimpy Show
Valentino Stray Cat James Rockford Rockford Files
Ruff Cartoon Cat  Ruff, a cat with bow tie and partner, Reddy (a white dog) battle evil Ruff & Reddy Show
Fluffy Cartoon Cat Family Pet Rugrats


Salem Black American Short Hair Breed Family pet of the Spellman family. Salem is actually a man named Saberhagen who was turned into a cat by the Witches Council for 100 years for trying to take over the world. Sabrina Teenage Witch
Diana, Luna, Artemis Cartoon Cats: Luna (black); Artemis (White); Diana (Grey) Guardian advisors/pets of the Sailor Scouts.
Luna (Serina's); Artemis (Mina's); Diana (Daughter of Luna and Artemis)
Sailor Moon
Speedy Cerviche, Guido Anchovi, Polly Esther, Spritz T. Cat, Meowzma, Hogan the Wonder Cat & Bat Cat Cartoon Samurai Crime fighting Cats Based in a Pizza Parlor in Little Tokyo the Samurai Pizza Cats protect Princess Violet from evil Saban's Samurai Pizza Cats
Toonces Grey Tabby Cat Owned by Lyle & Brenda Clarke, Toonces was billed as "the cat who can drive a car" (off a cliff) Saturday Night Live
Waldo Kitty Cartoon Cat Adventures of Waldo, a daydreaming Cat and his girlfriend, Felicia Secret Lives of Waldo Kitty
Snowball Black Cartoon Cat Lisa Simpson's Cat The Simpsons
Scratchy Violent Cartoon Cat Star of the "Itchy & Scratchy Show" The Simpsons
Midnight Black Puppet Cat Ed McConnell & Andy Devine Smilin' Ed's Gang
Azrael Black Cartoon Cat Feline "familiar" who helps Gargamel the Wizard  capture  the Smurfs The Smurfs
Scratch, Sniff & tom Puppet Cats Spacecats travel to earth to help humans under the instructions of the DORC Spacecats
M'Ress Cartoon Cat M'Ress is a member of the crew of the USS Enterprise. She comes from the planet Cait in the Lynx Constellation.  Star Trek: The Animated Series
Spot Orange Tabby Data the Android Star Trek: The Next Generation
Swat Kats Cartoon Cats Auto Mechanics Jake Clawson & Chance Furlong turn into SWAT KATS (T-Bone & Razor) to protect MegaKat City SWAT KATS: The Radical Squadron


Thanotopsis Black Siamese Black Cat assists host James Monk Tales of the Black Cat
Thundercats Cartoon Cats Feline superheroes Lion-O, Tygra, Panthro, Cheetara, Jaga & Pumrya battle evil mutants Thundercats
Tom the Cat Grey Cartoon Cat Partner of Jerry the  Mouse, whom Jerry wants to catch Tom & Jerry
Top Cat Tan Stray Cat Alley Cat and friends run con games and avoid local policeman. TC's buddies are Benny, The Brain, Choo Choo, Fancy Fancy,  Goldie & Spooky, Top Cat


Klondike Cat Cartoon Cat Cat in a Royal Canadian Mounted Police uniform Underdog




Sylvester the Cat Black & White Alley Cat Alley cat who always tries to eat Tweetie Pie the Canary Warner Brothers Cartoon
Carwash the Cat Cartoon Cat Carwash had many adventures with Mavis Cruet the fairy and her animals friends: Twit the bird, Moog the dog & Arthur the caterpillar Willow the Wisp
Tiger the Tiger Orange & Black Stripped Cartoon Tiger Friend of Christopher Robin form the 100 Acre Woods Winnie the Pooh
Cowardly Lion "King of the Forest" Lion who lived in the forest in the land of OZ and befriends a young girl named Dorothy. Wizard of Oz




Snagglepuss Cartoon Lion Adventures of a mischievous lion Yogi Bear

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