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Linus! the Lion HeartedLinus! the Lion Hearted - Living in a tropical island jungle, Linus, a gentle-hearted lion attended to the needs of his animal subjects Rory Raccoon, Billie Bird, Sascha Grouse, Dinny Kangaroo and mailman Loveable Truly on the Saturday/Sunday morning cartoon LINUS! THE LIONHEARTED/CBS/ABC/1964-69. Linus' voice was supplied by Sheldon Leonard.

Unfortunately, the FCC pulled the show off the air because the program was perceived at the time as nothing more that a half-hour of commercials, and the powers-that-be felt that children could not differentiate between the storylines and the marketing. Apparently, all of the characters on the show represented Cereal Box Mascots from the Post Cereal company. The Linus character originally appeared on the Post Cereal boxes of "Crispy Critters."


Roar, roar, roar for Linus the Lionhearted.
Roar, roar, roar for that's how our show gets started.
Linus is the one who lines up the fun.
He's the host of which we boast.
 He's a work of art with a lion heart.
He's the biggest, the greatest, the sweetest, the most.
So roar, roar, roar for
Linus the king, Linus the star, Linus the Lionhearted.

Linus the Lion Hearted - LP Album Cover
LP Album Cover with Linus and His TV Friends

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