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NEWTON, Woodrow & wife, Ava
(Evening Shade)
2102 Willow Lane
Evening Shade, AR

Woodrow ("Wood") is a former pro football quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers. A graduate of the University of Arkansas, Wood returned to his hometown to become the P.E. teacher and coach for the The Mules football team [on a losing streak] for Evening Shade High School.

Burt Reynolds and Marilu Henner as Wood and Ava Newton - EVENING SHADE

Wood is an alumnus of Evening Shade High School where he earned the nickname “Thumper” while playing on the football team [jersey #37]. As a pro player Wood was called "Clutch" and wore jersey #22. His favorite song is "Blueberry Hill" by Fats Domino.

Ava [née Evans] is 33-years-old and a prosecuting attorney. In her pre-teen days she was overweight and nicknamed "Chubby Evans." Now married 16 years, Wood and Eva share their home with their four children: Taylor, a 15 year-old who attends Evening Shade High; Molly, an 11-year-old who attends Evening Shade Elementary School; Will, a 4-year-old; and baby Emily Frieda who was born 5/6/91 despite Wood's vasectomy. Brownie is the name of their family dog. [Carl the mule is the high school team mascot.]

The Newton’s friends are Ponder Blue, the philosophical owner of a local rib joint named Blue’s Barbeque Villa; Dr. Harlan Elldridge, the town’s cranky physician and a member of the Civil War Society; Merleen Elldridge, his sexy wife; Evan Evans, Ava’s father, the publisher of The Argus, the town’s newspaper [Evan still holds a grudge against Wood for marrying his daughter when she was only 18 and he was thirty]; Frieda Evans, Eva's outspoken aunt; Fontana Beausoleil, Evan’s new wife, a dimwitted stripper who likes to run naked [she discovers Merleen is her mother who had given her up for adoption]; Herman Stiles, a wimpy math teacher who works as Wood‘s assistant football coach; and Nub Oliver, a slow-witted newspaper delivery man who pulls around a little wagon nicknamed "Chariots of Fire."


  • Wood discovers his most celebrated high school touchdown catch was actually out of bounds while reviewing old game footage,

  • Will Newton shaves off half of of his dad's moustache as he slept.

  • At Christmas, Wood is angered at his kid's materialism so he gives all their presents to a needy family

  • Wood's high school flame, Becky Kincaid Winstead returns
    for his 30th reunion and causes some jealous moments.

  • Two talented teenage girls (Yvonne and Yvette) want to join The Mules football Team. The women in town vote "Yes" and the men vote "No!"

  • On Wood's annual hunting trip into the mountains, he and the guys reluctantly invite the girls along. After Wood tries to scare the girls dressed up in a bear costume, the girls get the guys back by stealing all their clothes and leaving them totally naked in the wilderness. 

  • Ava goes into labor while Terry Bradshaw delivers a speech at the Booster Club Sports. The baby's umbilical cord is wrapped around its throat so Emily Frieda must be born via a Caesarian.

  • A criminal named Harvey Lujack breaks out of jail and heads to Evening Shade to settle a score with attorney Ava, who put him there.

  • Wood cancels all of his appointments to spend the weekend with a special friend: Kenny Rogers.

  • Bully cousin Readith returns to Evening shade after 30 years (in a casket)

  • Ava becomes Arkansas' Attorney of the Year in 1992

  • Fontana gives birth to a girl, Scout Evans on 3/20/93 

  • The Mules 57-game losing streak is broken on 4/3/93.

  • In an attempt to show Wood's little girl Emily that Halloween is not scary but fun, he reluctantly dons a fairy costume.

  • Hollywood star Cynthia Gibson comes to town and wants to buy Evening Shade.

  • Wood becomes Mayor of Evening Shade in 1994

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